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Our 2021 Mission is to teach The SuperFamily Plan to 100 parents & kids online and in person.


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Are you tired of feeling like your home is a battle ground and you're losing the war?

Are your kids masters of pushing your buttons and testing the boundaries?

Would it help if you and your current/ex partner were on the same page when it came to the fundamentals of raising your kids?

Would you love it if your kids took less time and nagging to complete daily routines and household chores?


Dear Parent,


In a day and age where the corona virus crisis is heavily disrupting our families & communities;


where many parents are battling silently with anxiety and depression on a daily basis;


where many parents are feeling stressed, out-of-shape and over-worked, and are turning to alcohol, food, cigarettes or other addictions as coping mechanisms;


where many parents are not great at managing money or schedules and are dealing badly with financial and time pressures;


where on average it takes 6 years of family disfunction for homes to break up, many ending in messy divorces that affect everyone badly - especially the kids... 


In a day and age where our education system still doesn't cover two of the most important subjects required for success in life -


parenting & relationship skills...


So many Mums and Dads aren't experiencing parenting to be the most rewarding job in the world!


It just feels like so much hard work!!!



Isn't it time we made parenting simpler?



Isn't it time we had a solid plan for our families to fall back on?


Something that can help us to become the great role models our kids need and act as amazing guides for our future generation of parents to be?



Our kids, after all, are our greatest legacy!


It's time to create a simple plan that will live on in the hearts and minds of our children long after we're gone, that they will want to pass on to their own kids. 


It's time to build your very own SuperFamily Plan. 



Learn More About 

The SuperFamily Plan



  • How to co-parent from the common ground between you.


  • How to create a simple list of family values and principles to act as the foundation of your home. 


  • How to teach your kids the relationship between rights and responsibilities..


  • How to stop using punishments and bribes.


  • How to set clear family rules and fair consequences. 


  • How to reduce your frustration & anger towards members of your family.


  • How to create a fairer distribution of household chores and get your kids to clean up after themselves with less nagging and whining.







Learn To Parent Great Kids Who Grow Up To Be Amazing Mums & Dads


Heal Old Family Wounds So You Can Be Closer To The People That Matter


Encourage A Spirit Of Teamwork & Connection


Open Up Communication


Improve Cooperation


Build Better Homes,

Families & Communities


What The Plan Can Do




A Simple Plan

For All Families





Give All Family


A Voice






Education In

Real Life Skills










What The Plan Can't Do



Save Families

Who Don't Want To Be Saved





Fix Parents & Kids Who Aren't Willing

To Participate





Do The Work Required For Your Family





Promise You'll Be Better If You Don't Give It Time



Our Values & Principles





We help, share,

say and do nice

things for others.







We tell the truth

and openly share

our feelings.








We treat others

the way they 

would like to

be treated. 








We learn from our mistakes

to make smarter choices.







We are brave

and resilient

human beings.







We guide others

with our good actions.






We work first on

improving ourselves.







We give what

we can when we

can to help others.



"The SuperFamily Plan has been amazing for my family.


We have a lot less yelling, and more cooperation &

meaningful conversations.


It is the best thing I've ever done for my family.”


Paul White - Father Of Two



- Define the common ground between you and your partner;


- Give every family member a voice in matters that affect them;


- Open up and improve parent / child communication channels;


- Teach families to communicate & cooperate better together;


​- Inspire a spirit of teamwork to make the dream work;


- Encourage more active family fun and adventures;


- Help parents to become healthier & happier people;


- Create consistently cleaner & more organised homes;


- Help families to grow closer together instead of drifting apart; 


- Provide a supportive community that encourages family play & ongoing learning as parents and people.

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