I’m Jarrod L'Estrange.

Your SuperFamily Coach

I am your group facilitator,

the founder of SuperDads Online

and The SuperFamily Program.

A little about me...


I created The SuperFamily Program after many years running an education and support network for Dads which now has over 20, 000 followers.


SuperDads Online, born out of my own challenges as a parent and partner, has shown me that there are many Mums and Dads suffering in their relationships with their current/ex partner and kids that I can help.


My formal qualifications are in the area of personal training and nutrition coaching which I've been doing for over 17 years. I have also worked with parents and kids of all ages teaching swimming, martial arts, gymnastics, and active after school programs. After competing on Australian Ninja Warrior, I am currently running a Ninja Warrior program which is fantastic fun for everyone. 


My personal experience comes from being the eldest brother of 5 kids, a devoted husband, and a father to 11, 9 and 7 year old girls.


I have completed 5 different parenting courses, attended two relationship retreats, and overcome many of my own challenges to become the parent and partner that I am now. I have some amazing mentors in my corner that have guided me to continue to become the best version of myself.


I am now studying a Diploma Of Counselling majoring in Family Therapy and Child Development, and I can't think of a better way to put my study into practice than to assist your family through this program.


I would love nothing more than to see you complete this program and have it transform your family life like it has mine.


Here's to a calmer, happier and healthier home for all!  


Your SuperFamily Coach,


Jarrod L'Estrange

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