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In a day and age where 52% of marriages are ending in divorce;


where many parents are battling silently with anxiety and depression on a daily basis;


where so many parents are not great at managing money or schedules and are dealing with huge financial and time pressures;


where some parents are so stressed out, over-worked and out of shape that they are using alcohol, food, cigarettes or other addictions as coping mechanisms; 


where our education system still doesn't cover two of the most important subjects required for success in life - parenting and relationship skills;


and where so many Mums and Dads don't experience parenting to be the most rewarding job in the world as often as they should because it just feels like so much hard work...


It's time we made parenting simpler!


 It's time there was a clearly articulated, well-defined, step-by-step plan to help all families to build calmer, healthier & happier homes. To become the great role models our kids need. To act as a guide for the future generation of parents.


The SuperFamily Plan is my solution to these problems. 






The SuperFamily Plan is for parents like me who have grown tired of feeling like a cranky Dad or Mum yelling at their kids all too often out of sheer stress and frustration. Flying by the seat of their pants making up punishments or rewards they hope will hit the mark and teach their kids a lesson to stop their misbehaviours...but often don't.



It is for parents like me who want to stop winging it and start winning as a family by learning to work with their partner and kids, rather than demanding and commanding that THIS IS HOW IT'S GOING TO BE!!! and then meeting massive resistance.


It is for Mums and Dads whether happily or unhappily together, separated, divorced or single. Relationship status doesn't matter as long as you have the best interests of your kids at heart. Working with your co-parent through the process is recommended for the good of your kids if at all possible, but not necessary to create your plan.






It was created because my mind loves to use metaphors and analogies to make sense of things, and I realised there was a step-by-step process that started to naturally occur in my coaching of families.


It was born out of my own family challenges, past failures, and the self-reflections and many hindsight lessons I've had as a Dad of three girls.


It's what I've learnt after completing 7 parenting programs, two relationship retreats, studying a Diploma Of Counselling majoring in Family Therapy and Child Development, and running an education and support network for over 20, 000 parents for the last 4 years. 






Simply fill out the form below and I will be in touch!


I would love nothing more than to see your family complete your plan and write to me saying how much it has transformed your home life.


For this reason, I look forward to getting to know you and your family situation better so I can be of genuine service wherever & whenever possible.


Here's to a calmer, cleaner, happier and healthier home for all!  


Your SuperFamily Coach,



Jarrod Guy L'Estrange


SuperFamilies aren't perfect, but they are committed to building better versions of themselves together.


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